The coolest, eco-friendly sauna in Chiang Mai – book your treat now!

Herbal steam sauna:  invigorate,  relax, cleanse.   Settle down for an evening of deep heat (around 110 *F). Using herbs such as lemongrass and kaffir lime, a herbal steam sauna can improve circulation, cleanse skin, relax muscles, reduce joint pain, open sinuses, release endorphins – and make you FEEL GREAT!

inside a sona at the Chiang Mai retreat center


As your body soaks up the gentle moist heat, take in the beauty of the tropical mosaics that surround you.

exterior view of a sona at the Chiang Mai retreat center


Bring your friends or make new friends, sharing a sauna is a social event; bring your guitar for after!

small houses in natural construction, with two palm trees

Tropical paradise

Shower and funky washroom are right there waiting when you come out; then you can jump in the pool or pour yourself a drink.

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